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Construction Sites

Advanced Alarm Technology can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal — no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that construction sites often lack, especially in the early stages. Since construction sites...

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Substations / Utilities

Energy companies require a security solution for substations that is effective, affordable and scalable—We are the answer! Unlike CCTV cameras or DVR-based systems, Videofied does not need to be on the...

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Remote Site Locations

Our systems can be installed with only a cell tower signal for communication – no need for the traditional AC power, phone line or internet requirements that remote sites often lack. Since many remote sites are unfenced...

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Office buildings

Advanced Alarm Technology is ideal for protecting offices and businesses, functioning as a normal alarm system but delivering greater protection with video verification and priority response. Systems can be installed as ...

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Professional experienced and objective security installer

AAT specializes in Wireless Video Alarm for outdoor security or higher end interior security needs. Our equipment is completely wireless using Lithium batteries that last up to 4 years and sending a 10 second video clip of whatever is causing an alarm to our monitoring station. They will check to see that it is a person and not a dog, cat or something causing a false alarm. They will then call your company and let you see the 10 second clip and determine what action is to be taken.
This is the finest outdoor technology that I am aware of, at the best price point in my industry.


  • Commercial/Industrial/Retail
  • Substation/City and State utilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Outdoor Remote Sites (no need for power or phone line)
  • Central Station Alerting-Police

Since 1994 AAT has been developing, installing and servicing security systems for a broad range of retail, commercial, industrial, applications throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Only the finest in equipment is considered and our wireless video alarm system has been chosen and used by our military.

Control your destiny and secure your future with AAT-Advanced Alarm Technology